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Let’s Laugh away our Stress with Ants 🐜

  1. 5 ants + 5 ants = Tenants
  2. To bring an ant from another country into your country = Important
  3. Ant that goes to school = Brilliant
  4. Ant that is looking for a job = Applicant
  5. A spy ant = Informant
  6. A very little ant = Infant
  7. An ant that uses a gun = Militant
  8. An ant that is a specialist = Consultant😂
  9. A proud ant = Arrogant🤔
  10. An ant that is cruel and oppressive = Tyrant
  11. An ant that is friendly and lovely = Coolant
  12. An ant that has changed from evil to good deeds = Repentant
  13. An ant that accumulated so much food in summer for use in winter = Abundant
  14. An ant that isn’t willing = Reluctant
  15. An ant that keeps financial account = Accountant
  16. An ant that occupies a flat = Occupant
  17. A huge ant = Giant
  18. An ant that is important = Significant
  19. An ant that has big legs = Elephant
  20. A sarcastic ant = Mordant
  21. An extremely fast ant = Instant
  22. A noisy ant = Rant
  23. An ant that doesn’t keep moving = Constant
  24. A dirty

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