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Esu in Yoruba IFA

Christianity and Hypocrisy !

When they did not find name for SATAN in Yoruba language, they vicious renamed it and gave it the title of one of our deity ESU. They are not the same.
They had name for AMEN in Yoruba language which is ASE, but they rejected it and called it AMIN.
They taught us to admit AMIN because they convinced us that our own language was fetish.
ELA in Odu IFA is the son of Eledumare, I think that should be perfect match for JESUS as he was also son of God, but they denied it and gave him JESU.
They had name for ANGEL in Yoruba language which is ALUJANNU, but they demonized our ALUJANNU and exalted their ANGEL, they felt superior, projected us as inferior and we vacuously accepted it. Height of hypocrisy.
What is happening is simple, but you can’t understand it without being independent in your thinking.


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