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Dino Melaye Shows Off Opulence while North Central continues to wallow in underdevelopment – @AKakanfo

I have always ignored Senator Dino Melaye but I can no longer ignore him because this behavior of his, is getting out of hand, and in a proper society, no single sane person should find him worthy as a political leader. Egbon Dino, I have some questions and suggestions;

  1. The cars in your garage are enough to fund a standard and well-equipped hospital in Kabba. The Okun people are suffering from underdevelopment that is second to none but this is what you care to show to the public?
  2. The only university in Owo, Ondo state was built by a former house of Rep. The name of that university is Achievers University. Why can’t you use your wealth to build or lobby a university for our Yoruba people in Kogi State????
  3. Senator Dino, how many bills did you lobby for the siting of federal projects in Okunland? Did you lobby for a federal medical center, federal university, or national institution in Okunland??? All that you show is opulence while the most educated group in the North Central continues to wallow in underdevelopment and backwardness.
  4. Senator Dino, out of all the former provinces in the old Northern region, Kabba province is the most backward and underdeveloped. Most provinces have either become states or state capitals while Okunland is in a state of “nature”? Yet, feudal and Aristocratic lifestyles are what you display every day on social media. This is wicked, unfair, and tyrannical.
  5. How many industries have you cited in Okunland that are empowering our people? We cannot continue to watch as this nonsense continues. If you have not visited the Yoruba-speaking part of Kogi from Oworo to Kabba to Ogori, please do, you will weep for our people. Senator Dino, we know you have the power, connection, and means to build and lobby for the development of Okunland. Don’t be like Sunday Awoniyi and Daniyan who served Ahmadu Bello and Abacha with absolutely nothing meaningful to show for it in the development of Okunland. Thank you very much, sir. God bless Nigeria.

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