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Examining the Art of Wickedness with Ifa Corpus

Òtítọ́ ba’lẹ̀ ó di omi
Ìkà balẹ̀ di yangí
Díá fún Ọ̀wọ́nrín
Níjọ́ tó n lọ̀ó ya àpò ikà danù
Ẹbọ ni wọ́n ní kó wáá ṣe
Ó gbẹ́’bọ, ó rú bọ
Ká ya àpò ikà danù
Ká mú òtítọ́ ṣe
Oore ló pé
Ikà kò yẹ ọmọ ènìyàn – Ọ̀wọ́nrin Ìká

Truth landed and turned to water
Wickedness landed and turned into laterite
These were Ifa’s declarations for Ọ̀wọ́nrín
When going to tear the bag of wickedness into pieces
He was advised to offer ẹbọ
He complied
Let us tear the bag of wickedness
And uphold truthfulness
Benevolence is profitable
Wickedness has no profit for human beings

The phrase “You shall reap what you sow” rings a bell here as we witness the art of wickedness being perpetrated to self, family members, strangers and animals on earth. It roars like a raging turbulent wave, like a volcano that erupts suddenly, like the earth splitting up all of a sudden, like a heat wave that starts brush fire. It could start anytime among friends who were together laughing just yesterday. Wickedness also means deriving pleasure in other people’s misfortune. When people suffer due to no fault of theirs, a wicked person rejoices and thinks that he/she is winning. When people feel pain, the wicked feel pleasure. When others grief, the wicked grin. A wicked person sees no reason why he/she should render any helping hand in ameliorating the suffering of others. Instead, he/she will find ways of prolonging the suffering. Let’s examine through IFA, this act, this boiling, this turbulence that momentarily turn we humans into heartless and irrational creatures. Let’s discuss..

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