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Video: OmoEkofa (Young girl who studies Ifa Philosophy)

11 year adolescent Awo of Babalawo of northern Oyo State, Nigeria, recounting Ifa verse from the Ifa Corpus (understudies begin learning at 4yrs old). It is qualified to note that Ifa is still all that much an Ancient Oral lovely structure (only a few no has been composed to date) of restating Ifa’s stanzas of verifiable, philosophical, down to earth, remedial and recuperating messages, as they have been expressed and restanted for many years among the Yoruba in West Africa and has, as of late, as a consequence of the Maafa (transoceanic slave exchange) of subjugated Yoruba individuals found in the diaspora specifically Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad, Surinam, Guyana, Haiti and now all through the majority of the world.

The root was among the Yoruba of West Africa, these old stories talked in lovely structure frequently utilizing anecdotes, was the base of African maxims regular today, that would convey messages onto themselves. It is additionally exceptionally remarkable that as said Ifa is an Oral fine art and is taught to youngsters orally and hold into memory, this young lady is just 11 years of age and can present numerous stories from memory, likewise to note that she is a female and to dissipate the myth (in the diaspora) that young ladies don’t study Ifa, however indicated here she is orally discussing Ifa stanzas and the reaction from others is to likewise learn that Ifa stanza.

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