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The 1% Pathology and the Myth of Capitalism – Michael Parenti

“In my efforts to break through the current efforts to try to educate people about Communism and why it is not “dead” as the official propaganda would have you believe, but alive and doing better than ever (thanks to the current collapse of the Capitalist AngloZionist Empire), I would like to share with you a pretty interesting lecture by Prof. Michael Parenti who, by debunking the founding myths of Capitalism, encourages those still capable of critical thought to reevaluate what they think they know about Capitalism vs Communism.  Truth be told, Parenti does, from time to time, suffer from the main intellectual weakness of so many Communists: ideological orthodoxy.  But compared to their Capitalist counterpart Communists are still far less ideological.  Besides, we rarely hear from them, so I thought that posting this lecture by Parenti would bring some much needed common sense and “intellectual fresh air” at a time when historical, philosophical political education have all been replaced by vapid and hollow slogans.” – The Saker

Enjoy listening to Parenti bellow as much as Saker did.


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