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Low Brain Drain: US Embassy Blocks Out All Visa Interview Dates In Nigeria Until Further Notice

Nigerians applying for visas to the United States are in a resolve as they can’t seem to obtain appointment dates for interviews, The PUNCH understands.
This really is inspite of the payment of visa fees and other charges which vary from N58,000 to N200,000.
The United States Embassy has yet to react to our enquiries..

With regards to the class of visa, the fee ranges between $160, $190 and $265; whilst the exchange rate published on the US Embassy website is N370 to the dollar, that will be higher compared to Central Bank of Nigeria’s rate of N306/$1, and the black market rate of N363/$1..

Student visa applicants may also be made to cover a different $350 “service fee.”
A click to the web site of the US embassy by The PUNCH on Tuesday revealed that applicants who wish to use for business/tourist visas were informed there are no available dates before November 19, 2019 at the purpose of filling Form DS160..

However, after payment is made in full and an applicant attempts to book an appointment, one is informed through its consultant website hosted by CGI INC afterwards there are no available dates for visa appointments..

Also, there is no mechanism put in place for a refund.
A message on its portal, which can only be accessed after payment of visa fees, reads in part, “There are currently no appointment dates available.”

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