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1/15 Of The Funniest Hairstyles You Should Avoid (Heli-Hair)

1) Heli-Hair
This lady most likely adored Dr. Seuss when she was more youthful, yet that doesn’t legitimize this hair style. When you discover yourself wearing a helicopter made of hair, you’ve presumably taken a wrong turn some place in life.

In case you’re not some kind of a samurai or even Japanese, then you likely shouldn’t get a hair style that looks like either. Shaving the lion’s share of your head, however leaving a tail and the sides long is most likely not a smart thought for anybody.

3) Illuminati

Again, shaving the lion’s share of your head, yet leaving a little segment, is never a smart thought. This man chose he needed to demonstrate his adoration for the Illuminati by leaving a triangle of hair at the cutting edge.

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