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Namudi Kanu

We Must Expose That Fraudster Kanu – By DPA Rambo.

Why I Withdrew My Support From IPOB ~ By DPA Rambo.

The following are my personal reasons for not taking IPOB seriously anymore. For anyone who is disappointed, let’s have our different views on the matter.

(1) First, IPOB members are highly uninformed. The way you know this is that they believe they know everything better than anyone that doesn’t agree with their methods. Trying to reason with them is a waste of your time because even when it is clear that they are not making the right points, they will tell you that Biafra is a spirit and therefore you can’t understand it. When you point out that their leadership has no plan, they will tell you that you should not expect their leader to reveal his plan. So he must have some secret plans.
(2) IPOB leadership or movement runs on reflex. There is no program of action and they were not patient. It is one propaganda or the other. But above all it cashes in on the ignorance and emotions of its followers. For instance, there was a propaganda about Buhari dying and being replaced by Jubrin. Then there is the propaganda of how President Trump and United Nations and the European Union respectively agreed to recognize Biafra. Well, if Jubrin exists, the American CIA would know. And if America had plans to free Biafra, that would be a perfect excuse. If Obama gave us Buhari and Trump is against Obama, Trump will like to undo what Obama did. The best way to do so will be to expose Jubrin.

(3) You cannot run any system based on petty and easily exposable and needless lies. One, European Union has not tabled or considered any resolution on Biafra, not even a mention in the past 20 years. Neither has the United Nation nor American Government, nor Israel. Why lie about such? Why not tell the people that this is something you’re working toward? Why get people to believe you could arrest Buhari in Japan? That is an impossibility. Yet you sell that to your followers.
,(4) As far back as 2012, Nnamdi Kanu met Igbos n Diaspora in Illinois and said to them: “We need money to buy bullets to fight against Nigeria” and they foolishly contributed. I call it foolishly because what you need are rockets, not bullets. Then he shared pictures of some bumps with one den gun and he said it was Biafrans preparing for war, and many believed it. In the end, not even a bullet was bought. He claimed he had some undisclosed weapons that would sink Nigeria. And some believed him. It is like these people are living in fantasy island.
(5) At some point, a reasonable person comes to the conclusion that IPOB is just about trading or cashing in on the strong emotions about Biafra.
(6) There is no intellectual or ideological depth behind IPOB activities. Everything is reversible and on impulse. They have not even considered how to deal with the fact that the Biafran minorities are suspicious of the Igbos. The fact is that the Ijaw and Izon people will be minorities in Biafra and not even a basic thought has gone to that. These were the people who treated the properties of the Igbos as abandoned properties. There must have been a level of discomfort in them about the Igbos for that to happen. So, you need a strong effort to rebuild trust.

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