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Open Letter to my Spiritual Hubby

Fallen angel allow me to sit unbothered oooo. You have over stayed your welcome in my life. Tired of pleasing you. Haba. There are in excess of 150 million individuals in Nigeria why the heck have you picked me!
Pretty and decently formed young lady like me with great character is single at this point of my life.

Quit having intercourse with me in my fantasies, it has ended up so exhausting and irritating, I wake up furious and wished I could strangle you truth be told. That is the extent to which I scorn you.

Ogbeni look else where, you suck. Monstrous thing. Why didn’t God murder the demon when it deceived him. Quit utilizing me. On the off chance that you need to watch porn, you are the villain, it ought to be simple. Quit utilizing me. Gosh I scorn you.

Allow me the hell to sit unbothered. U are hindering my vocation, heading out my suitors, making my life hopeless. Don’t u have preferred things to do over engage in sexual relations with a honest young lady like me? I need a cracking break!

Pls petition God for me. This man in my Dreams is progressively slaughtering me. I don’t know which church to go cos I’m a famous individual and I don’t need further shame from web journals. How would I stop this filthy demon in my Dreams ?

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