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Akpos Joke – Fake Money

Akpos was given fake money and he went to the police station to report…

AKPOS: What kind of nonsense is this?

POLICE: Hello Mr. man can we help you?

AKPOS: Can you imagine, in this country, people are just mean!

POLICE: Mr. man, you aren’t saying anything. What is the problem.

AKPOS: (still boiling). Why are people so unreasonable and wicked in this country? I wish I wasn’t born in this country.

POLICE: (impatient) listen Mr. man, are you ready to tell us your problem or you want to waste our time?

AKPOS: Can you imagine, I was given fake money, fake money yesterday at my shop.

POLICE: So can you recognise the person that gave you the fake money?

AKPOS: How on earth can I do that? There are hundreds of people who visit my shop everyday.

POLICE: Ok, where is the money.
AKPOS: I’ve spent it!

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