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Lugandan Wife pick race over Nigerian hubby’s sex appetite

There was drama at a police post in Bulenga when a lady asked for kindness and begged her spouse to give her a chance to leave their conjugal home over his voracious interest for sex.

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Ruth Nakyeyune, while crying wildly, beseeched her Nigerian Luganda speaking spouse, Sultan Ali Baba, living in Nakuwade Bulenga, along Mityana street for pardoning and argued that they separate genially. Nakyeyune additionally said he is excessively eager and discourteous, as he never takes no for an answer with regards to sex. She said at whatever point she is unwell and not able to make love, Sultan takes it against her, and declines to converse with her.
“Of late he has not been providing for us because I’ve been unable to make love to him,” said Nakyeyune.

Sultan however, said his wife cheats on him, and never satisfies him in bed.

“She always finds an excuse and once threatened to commit suicide,” he added.

He noted that he is a good husband who never drinks alcohol like most men do but wonders why his wife cannot simply satisfy him.

He asked Nakyeyune why she left her parents’ home if she wasn’t ready to satisfy him sexually, and if she was groomed by her aunties for marital duties.

One of Baba’s friends spoke to this reporter and confirmed that wife was fleeing the home because the man was over endowed saying even his former wives left for the same reason.

“All those other things are just accusations aganist the man; she is just afraid of the man’s prowess. She is not the first one to complain,” a bemused witness said.

Later on Sultan begged his wife to stay for the sake of their child but she declined.

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