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Video: Prof. Wole Soyinka Confirms #EsuIsNotSatan

Professor Wole Soyinka explains how the missionaries converted their Satan to Esu, again confirming that #EsuIsNotSatan and how Esu became the symbol of resistance in Latin America. Watch the video when you continue bellow after the jump break or next page.
Watch the Video after the page break..

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  1. omotola Ladoja

    Wow, this is massive.. I thought as much a religious scam by the missionaries. Nigerians please learn. #EsuIsNotSatan

    • The Missionaries would appear as religious mercenaries sent to aid and abet slavery and colonization of the Oodua Kingdoms and the rest of the surrounding countries in our continent.

  2. Nigeria Property

    I always knew that #EsuIsnotSatan but my fellow brainwashed Yorubas will not agree. Brainwash yen lagbara gan ni.

  3. Balogun Adeseina

    May Olodumare continue to bless you Prof. Wole Soyinka. This is wonderful. #EsuIsnotSatan

  4. Yemi Esubiyi

    My name is Esulabi Esubiyi Yemi. So this is not new #Esuisnotsatan

  5. Funmi G

    The word is getting the word.
    I am not in any way religious but I can relate with the philosophy of our own religion.

  6. Balogun Adesina

    Esu is not satan and has never been !!

  7. Adekunle Opeyemi

    I love it when this man speak. So Esu is not satan for real ?

  8. Gbolahan Sotomi

    THanks to Olodumare we still have people like Soyinka alive. Let me download this video and replay it to my kids

  9. Segun Akerele

    We have all failed our generation .

  10. Segun Adewake-up

    Satan punish Jesus and devil together. ooni of ife is living in darkness

  11. Mairo Ochocho

    If Esu is not satan then what is Esu?

  12. Abiodun Isaac Taiwo

    Time to restore our heritage,please continue the great work. Last time i read about Orunmila, i was impressed. Far better than the fairly tale Jesus copy and paste story

  13. Omitonade Ifawemimo

    E seun baba! Kee pe fun wa oooo…Ase Ire O!


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