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What Is Ifa

What is the meaning of Awo?

Awo means sacredness and honesty, having an agreement not to reveal to the public the sanctity of a pact made between two or more people, peoples, community, nation, continent and the universe.

Because there is value in concealment, and when what is sacrosanct is revealed, then that becomes unimportant, of lesser value and ordinary.

What is Babaláwo? Babalawo is Bàbá Nlá Awo. The Big Father (full of wisdom) of sacredness, not ordinary, not to be abused and considered unimportant, to be revered and to be accorded utmost respect. (Babaláwo rere nii d’ífá, eniyan rere níí dìbò)

What is IFÁ? Ifa is Truth. Ọrúnmìlà said Òtítọ́ (Truth) ni Agbara to ju gbogbo Agbara lọ. Truth is the indestructible word, truth, is the power above all powers. Ire o.

~Adébóyè Adégbénró

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