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Abuja maid Kills 3 year old girl.

Folks please try to remain watchful with the sort of individuals you bring around your kids. It is your obligation to secure them.

I know with work and different engagements it is just about outlandish not to have somebody to help with the children yet verify its somebody you can trust with the lives of your youngsters. A month ago, we all viewed with dismay as an Ugandan house keeper battered a 2 year old young lady.

This week we caught wind of the cleaning specialist who took two youngsters from their home in Lagos after a couple of weeks of working with the family.  Also I simply found out about a house keeper in Abuja who strangled a 3 year old young lady as of late only on the grounds that the young lady’s mum let her know she couldn’t make a trip to her town for Christmas.

The disillusioned servant was said to have executed the young lady in displeasure on the grounds that the young lady’s mother had demanded she needed to stay in Abuja to take care of the youngster. It would be ideal if you moms, be less reckless.

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