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Emergency Warning From Ooduarere!!

Dear Omo Ooduarere,

Our team have learned that several anti-Empire websites (some of our sources) have been hit by DDoS attacks including  the Russian journal New Eastern Outlook which was knocked off line by a big hacking attack and is still down Saturday. They have been attacked multiple times the past 2 months and then a final attack succeeded in shutting them down. They are trying to get it back up. This has happened to us in the past but we survived it.

We might be next again. Should that happen, we ask you to write down the URL to the old, blogspot, domain name we used originally:


Please write down these email addresses to contact us if needed: (Please use them in the following order)


(if and when needed, we will provide other contact information)
As the case is in Nigeria, there is no real alternative media providing the people with a different point of view and real information about what is going on arround the world. The mainstream media is more like a proxy of the western narrative which keeps falling apart everytime, providing only one sided point of view. For this reason, we have been targeted in the past but we won the battle.

‘These are truly crazy and extremely dangerous times and the Empire is already engaged in all sorts of dirty but (semi)-legal tricks (search engine tampering, YouTube channel defunding, placing silly labels like “RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government“, etc.). They are going berserk because they are losing the war for hearts and minds and they know that, hence all the crazy nonsense à la “Skripal” false flag. The fact that they are losing makes them not less, but much more, dangerous.’



Staff @Ooduarere.com

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