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Family orders release of son who is alleged to have killed his father

The Ukpanah family in Akwa Ibom state are requesting the arrival of Odudu Albert Ukpanah (pictured right ), the only child of PDP Chieftain in Akwa Ibom state, Engr Albert Ukpana who was killed at his home at No 40 Mkpokporo road, Abak in Abak Judicial divison in Akwa Ibom state.

As indicated by a post on a Facebook page titled Release Odudu Albert Ukpanah which was opened by his concerned sisters, Odudu a trained Oil and Gas master from Coventry University England, was captured on May 27th this year by the Akwa Ibom state police charge on the request of the state govt over suspicions he was included in the homicide of his late father (picture left above) on March twelfth.

As indicated by what the sisters composed, the state government had asserted that Odudu murdered his father over the N2million the state government had given to his father. He was captured three days after the internment of his father on May 24th. His sisters say he has been in confinement since May and the state government are yet to give cement proof demonstrating that their only sibling took part in their father’s homicide. They are requesting his quick discharge from police care.


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