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Nigerian Army retires 15 generals from the Nigerian Army School (NASEME)

The Nigerian Army has retired 15 generals from the Nigerian Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (NASEME) Auchi, Edo State, from active service. On the list of 15, 10 are brigadier-generals while the rest of the five are major-generals. The major-generals are Edem Ekwo, Thompson Oliomoghe, Richard Maduegbunam, Friday Airende and Abass Adekanye, whilst the brigadier generals include Idi Adamu, Patrick Oviaghase, Samuel Ayo, Peter Aremu, Jacob Amao, Joshua Ibilaye, Ibrahim Alawode, Samuel Adesogan, Chukwuka Ani and Abel Okpeki. Speaking at a pulling out parade held in honour of the retirees yesterday, the corps commander of NASEME, Major General S. Labaran stated that the retired officers served the nation meritoriously. Labaran wished them well in their various future endeavours. Among the retired generals, Thompson Oliomoghe, who spoke with respect to others thanked the Nigerian Army for the ability to serve the nation.

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