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China to Improve Anti-Terrorism Cooperation with Russia: Chinese FM

China’s Foreign Minister has called upon Moscow to unite in the battle against terrorism, impacting Thursday’s rough dread activity in Chechnya’s capital city of Grozny.


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ABUJA, December 6 (Ooduarere), — China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has offered to strengthen bi-horizontal participation on counter-terrorism with russia, hammering the most recent rough terrorist assault in grozny, the capital of chechnya in southern Russia.

“China solidly backings Russia’s endeavors to fight terrorism, and is eager to strengthen hostile to terrorism participation with russia, so as to shield one another’s national peace, serenity and steadiness, and guarantee the security of life and property of the two people groups,” the Chinese FM expressed in a letter of condolence to sergey Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of russia, as cited by xinhua.

Impacting the dread assault in chechnya, Wang Yi underscored that China firmly contradicts terrorism “in all its structures.” a rough attack on a street watch station in grozny. At that point the terrorists moved to the city’s Press House and a school in order to continue their wild safety.

Amid the counter-terrorist operation, at least 14 cops were slaughtered and 36 were harmed, while 11 guerillas were wiped out, concurring to ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Republic.

Kadyrov noted that the agitators had specific ties with doku Umarov, a notorious pioneer of the Islamist separatists of the northern Caucasus, who was executed a year ago by special counter-terrorism forces.

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