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Maria Zakharova.
Spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova gestures as she attends a news briefing in Moscow, Russia, October 6, 2015. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

MUST SEE interview of Maria Zakharova on Russian TV


Here I want to thank Eugenia for a truly heroic effort.  Not only did she translate, subtitle and upload the video, she did that on her so-called ‘free’ time (without going into details, I will say that Eugenia is a top-level professional with a prestigious career and an extremely busy life).  Eugenia – you are truly to be thanked by our Community for your immense dedication and work!

Second, we had to upload this video to Rutube.ru because YouTube immediately blocks such video.  No, not because of political censorship in the USA, but because Russian news organizations apparently hire western firms to make darn sure that their content is not reproduced without authorization.  Apparently, these folks couldn’t care less about the fact that their country is the object of an information war.  Like so many others, they are far more busy protecting their supposed “rights” than to get the word out.  This is sad, disgusting and discouraging.  Anyway, the technical record of RuTube is “so so”, works better some days that others.  But, friends, that’s the best we have right now (and the Russian government is busy preparing laws to prevent Russian video hosting providers from participating in “piracy” as if airing a crucial video of Maria Zakharova was tantamount to the murder, robbery and kidnapping of people on the high seas; sigh; don’t even get me started on this one.  Besides, this hero of mine does a much better job explaining that I ever could).

If anybody could suggest a good video hosting solution for us which The Almighty Dollar could not force into compliance, I would be most interested.  Email me.

Anyway, I hope that this video will give you a sense of what the tone in Russia really is, of how people see the current hysterical russophobic campaign, and the kind of feelings this elicits in them.


The Saker

Direct link:  https://rutube.ru/video/c9e4e9722bb5594f8f9f97f95635f0b2/


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