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Massive Explosion rocks Spanish City Injures at Least 77 People

On Saturday a major explosion left at least 77 people injured when a gas cooker exploded at a fair to celebrate the city of Velez-Malaga in Spain.

At least 77 people have been taken to the district hospital near the town of Velez-Malaga according to local news sources. The town’s mayor Moreno Ferrer said that he believed the explosion was caused by a gas cooker that was leaking triggering the massive explosion.

Of the reported injured, at least four are believed to be serious. The explosion occurred at the town’s fair to celebrate the city of Velez-Malaga and when the explosion occurred authorities rushed to the scene along with numerous medical units.

The mayor of the town says that “it seems there could be a gas leak with overheating and fire” as the most likely culprit for the explosion. Currently, officials have no reason to believe that foul play was involved in the tragic incident.

The city’s mayor went on to stress that an investigation will be conducted and that it remains early in the process.

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