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Nigerian Experts step in as Ebola Claims Lives of 2 Sierra Leone Doctors on Same Day

Two specialists from Sierra Leone have passed on from Ebola on that day. Since the infection has crushed the nation’s social insurance framework, Nigeria has ventures in, and is sending 100 surgeons to help the country.

LAGOS, December 6 (Ooduarere), — Two specialists from the West African previous British province of Sierra Leone have succumbed to Ebola on that day, as per neighborhood authorities; the general number of specialists asserted by the infection in the nation has hit ten

“The worst Ebola outbreak on record has torn through some of West Africa’s weakest health systems, killing nearly 350 medical personnel, including 106 in Sierra Leone, which is still rebuilding from years of war in the 1990s,” Reuters pointed out.

Sierra Leone have declared they would pay $5,000 in recompense to the groups of wellbeing specialists who have kicked the bucket while battling the Ebola infection flare-up. Inquiries stay concerning how the two perished specialists, Dr. Dauda Koroma and Dr, Thomas Rogers, gotten the dangerous illness, since they were not meeting expectations “on the cutting edge” in the Ebola treatment center.

“We are crushed at this discharging of our human services specialists,” said an anonymous wellbeing official, as cited by Reuters.

Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma praised the nation’s wellbeing specialists for fighting the spread of Ebola, calling them its “most prominent nationalists” amid his discourse in the Parliament on Friday, December 5. The quantity of individuals who have gotten the Ebola infection has surpassed 17,000. They are for the most part spotted in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone; 6,200 have kicked the bucket, the World Health Organization gauges. The Associated Press reported prior that the African Union has swore to send 1,000 therapeutic experts to these three nations before the end of 2014.

To contain the spread of the unfortunate infection, more than 175 Nigerian wellbeing specialists landed in Sierra Leone and Liberia on Friday, December 5. The Nigerian government has guaranteed to send an alternate gathering of 425 doctors in the closest future to prevent further containment and “support powerless neighborhood human services frameworks,” Reuters notes.

“This is the African spirit you are showing, this is the Nigerian spirit,” Nigeria’s ambassador to Liberia, Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie, said, as cited by the media source.
It is worth mentioning that Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has banned rallies and public gatherings ahead of a forthcoming December Senate election, elaborating that the decision was aimed at fighting the Ebola virus.

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