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ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE: RAF Support For Syrian Troops, If Western Coalition Attacks

The Russian Aerospace Force will support Syrian troops if the Western coalition decides to launch attacks against Syria due to the provocation of the “chemical attacks” in Idlib province, according to Russian Senate International Committee member Oleg Morozov.

Earlier, the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said filming of a provocation was being prepared alleging the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army in Idlib province. Morozov said:

“Even if [Western countries] start attacking Syria, in a chemical attack they will believe only those who are staging it.” But that does not mean that the coalition does not attack. Syrians will fight the militants above all else, but I do not rule out our Aerospace Force providing support, but only if it is the Western coalition who starts the attack,”


As the clashes around the jihadist-occupied province of Idlib in northern Syria are drawing closer, the US has made numerous predictions that Syrian President Bashar Assad is planning to use chemical weapons during combat, although they do not provide evidence and motives for such an event.

On Monday, the journalist and author of the book “Washington’s Long War on Syria,” Steve Gowans, said that “there is nothing new” on Western reports of chemical weapons being used in Idlib.

“This is an obvious attempt to manipulate public perception to justify some kind of intervention in Syria,” he said.

In addition, he noted that the US indicated that Assad was planning some kind of attack, but that detailed information on the possible attack is still missing.

On August 22, National Security adviser John Bolton called on the United States to respond “in a timely and appropriate manner to any proven use of chemical weapons at Idlib or anywhere in Syria.”

“We have tried to convey in the last few days the message that if there is a third use of chemical weapons the response will be much stronger ,” Bolton said on Monday.

In other words, the US is preparing for an intensification of its involvement in Syria, not a decrease, as Daesh (ISIS) and other Syrian jihadists are approaching defeat

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