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Just in: Russian “Smetlivy” destroyer forced to use firearms at Turkish seiner vessel

The crew of the Russian “Smetlivy” destroyer was forced to utilize firearms on Sunday to stop a collision with a Turkish seiner vessel in the northern the main Aegean Sea, in as per Russia’s Ministry of Defense.

he destoyer’s morning crew spotted an approaching Turkish ship at a range of approximately one kilometer (0.6 miles). The seiner didn’t get on the air for radio contact with the Russian ship and didn’t respond to signal lamps or flairs.


Upon the Turkish seiner’s dangerously close approach to the anchored “Smetlivy” at a range of 600 meters (656 yards), the Russian patrol ship fired a go beyond the hitting range of the fireamrs to avoid collision.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Turkish vessel immediately changed its course and, without contacting the Russian crew, kept moving by the “Smetlivy” destroyer at a range of 540 meters (590 yards).

Military attaché at the Turkish embassy in Moscow urgently invited to the Russian Ministry of Defence in connection with…

Posted by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on Sunday, December 13, 2015


Following an incident, a military attache at Turkish embassy in Moscow has been urgently summoned to the Russian Defense Ministry by Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

The incident comes amid Russian-Turkish tensions following the downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber by the Turkish Air Force over Syria on November 24.

Ankara claimed that the aircraft had violated its airspace, however, Russian defense officials provided evidence that the aircraft hadn’t crossed into Turkey. The pilot, who survived the crash, also confirmed that the alleged violation didn’t take place. Moreover, the crew, according to the pilot, didn’t receive any warning prior to the attack.



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