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Police Arrest President of Self-Declared Liberland, Newest Micronation

Croatian border police have arrested the president of Liberland, the world’s newest micronation, for an attempt to reach the territory of his country situated on the disputed area between Croatia and Serbia, local media said Sunday.    On Saturday, 31-year-old ...

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Liberland Set to Become New Hong Kong: Prosperous and Wealthy!

Liberland, Europe’s tiniest, newest country, has no intention of joining the EU, NATO or any other political or military alliances, but eyes joining some free trade zone as a full-fledged member of the international community, Vít Jedlicka, the President of ...

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Check out Europe’s Brand New Country the ‘Republic of Liberland’

A Czech national has proclaimed the establishment of a new country of seven square kilometers on ‘no man’s land’ located at the border of Serbia and Croatia.    A Czech named Vít Jedlicka has declared himself the president of Europe’s youngest ...

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