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Olokun: Orisa Olokun is one of the richest Orisa among the messenger of Olodumare

 She’s famous, beautiful and influential.A verse of Ifa even make us understand that Orunmila spent the rest of her life there and decided not to come back home again. The followers of Orunmila then asked him “Baba, how will you ...

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Ifa Object –

Artist: Olowe Ise Title: Ifa Object (detail) Date: early 20th c Collection of Godfrey Williams-Okorodus, Labalaba Gallery.

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What Is Ifa

What is the meaning of Awo?

Awo means sacredness and honesty, having an agreement not to reveal to the public the sanctity of a pact made between two or more people, peoples, community, nation, continent and the universe. Because there is value in concealment, and when ...

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2015 annual World Ifa pilgrimage and Festival in Ado-Ekiti

2015 annual World Ifa pilgrimage & Festival @ Oke-Igeti, Oke-Olota in Ado-Ekiti on Friday, 5th and Saturday, 6th of June, 2015. Ifa agbe wao…

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Human race were divided into three groups: Which category do you belong?

Human race were divided into three groups The achievers Those who follow the achievers The bystanders. These three groups are coming to do three things on earth: They were coming to do good They were coming to do evil They ...

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A field trip to Kòsó the House of Sango

This is where the Elegun Sango all over the world receive his Ase. Sango Olúkòso Sango the lord of Koso. Oyo Nigeria. Beautiful. Photo credit: Owomide.

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Photos: Oke Festival Oyo, Nigeria

  Beautiful!!! Photo credit: PgFoundation.

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You need a consultation !

He’s so serious and ready to consult for you if you are ready. Beautiful. Ifa rules the world. Credit: The World of Ifa

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Entrance to Igbodu where Ifa Initiation is been done!

Entrance to Igbodu where Ifa Initiation is been done at the house of Oluwo nla Solagbade Popoola.   Ogun state, Nigeria. Let’s explore the beauty of Ifa Beautiful! Photo credit: @Owomide_Ifa

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Photo: Yemoja priest, Aare Isese

Ibadan, Nigeria. Beautiful culture!!! Photo credit: Princess Ifalewa.

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