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Top 21 Facts About Dangote’s Refinery & Petrochemical Plant.

Is Dangote responsible for other people’s failure in Nigeria?

See Deinde Nurudeen Olayiwola’s reply bellow

Details presented here is most likely to get anyone wondering: how did Dangote do it? Is he the only Nigerian?

I prefer a Nigerian capitalist ( even if he is the devil’s brother) to the Indian, Chinese and Lebanese exploiters and racists.

Before Dangote ventured into cement business, we have other Nigerians doing the business up to the limit of their vision.

He made his entry raised the bar, his own vision positioned him where he is Africa-wide, beyond naija sef.

Same for other commodities.

In his several interviews, Dangote always talks about an experience picked up at the Nigerian airport, where at the departure hall, ninety percent of travellers are Nigerians while the remaining ten percent are foreigners.
Conversely at the arrival hall, ninety percent are foreigners (European, Asian and the rest) while the balance are Africans and Nigerians.

To him, that made him to wonder, what is driving us out of Nigeria, also what are foreigners looking for here, in Nigeria?

Can any Nigerian businessman come out in the open with verifiable facts, how he/she got denied a level playing field by the backers or allies of Dangote?

Hope the author of this piece abreast with the list of Nigerian businessmen who find it hard to service properly their loans?

Is Dangote also responsible for their failure?

Before his foray into refinery, several firms where issued license to build refinery. I will have to ask the author of this piece, those that were issued license years back , how many are investing in the business? Or is Dangote also responsible for their failure to build ? Even modular refinery!

It is a fact that Dangote is becoming an unnecessary large economic monster, is it by running away from the challenges of Nigeria for the comfort of America that will address our problems?

Kindly give it to those who believe in Nigeria, who stood by Nigeria, who invest in Nigeria, who see to the growth of their investment and the nation.

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