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Yoruba: Ní ọjọ́ wo ní a má bọ́ ní oko ẹrú? .. see the English meaning

English: When shall we gain our freedom from enslavement?
thepanafrican We are tired of being tired worldwide, Marcus Garvey told us that that they are some of us that look like us but do not care about us. Why do you think that no European countries or even the USA has intervened? Do you know how much colonial taxes France collects from Congo? No? In 2012 they collected $5.55 billion. So if you speak French and you’re able to go to France as an African “fleeing” your country, just remember that no one is giving you anything for free.


Colonial taxes in 2016?!!! How could this be tolerated? It’s like the Jews paying the Nazis for the benefits of genocide. That’s why Haiti is struggling to get back on its feet even today, 14 African countries have to empty billions into Frances’ coffers!!! And what are the leaders of those 14 countries doing about it? Nothing . Why? Because it a friendship with benefits where only a few win whilst millions suffer. When is enough truly enough? #kinshasa
Here are 14 countries that pay France for the ” benefits of colonization ” as of 2012,
1. #Niger $1.17 billion plus gold.
2. #Togo $510 million plus gold.
3.#Benin $690 million plus gold.
4. #Cameroon $3.38 billion plus gold.
5. #Guinea-Bissau $190 million plus gold.
6. #DRCCongo (Brazzaville) $ 5.55 billion plus gold. If you think that’s different to Congo Kinshasa, you really need to read.
7. #IvoryCoast $4.12 billion plus gold ( yet some of you only care about people pronouncing it “Cote de Ivore” .
8. #Mali $1.38 billion plus gold.
9. #Gabon $ 2.35 billion plus gold.
10. #Chad $ 1.16 billion plus gold.
11 #CentralAfricanRepublic $1.16 billion plus gold
12. #Senegal $2.25 billion plus gold.
13. #Burkina Faso $630 million plus gold.
14. #EquatorialGuinea $4.4 billion plus gold.
So,no I will not pray for France at any point in my life about anything, they are bleeding us for bleeding us.
They did the same thing to Haiti which bankrupted it, The first Black Republic, the same Haiti that was denied membership into the AU but we don’t mind paying France for slavery and colonization. But hey! at least those of us that are born in those countries can speak French right?
#Africans only you can stop this.
Photo: thank you Afropolitain-magazine

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