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Colour blind, Obama and Africans ( Do you agree with him?)

As long as black people remain colour blind, we’ll always be under oppression. Zambian constitution is an example of how today Africans refuse to acknowledge the pains of their ancestors. Africa is for Africans, no white man or arab is a legitimate African, they are all children of invaders that walks around on the soil of the conquered and further enslave the victims of their ancestors invasion.
People want you to believe that white people are colour blind, that’s why obama was made a president, this shows that they lack knowledge of history. America is not a white man’s country, besides, black people suffered a lot to build america and europe. Mind you, obama is a puppet, he doesn’t represent the oppressed in anyway. Fyah bun colour blindness.
S A rethink. Mi nuh wah dat

~Akin Fagbo Aiyejin

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