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african indians

The Racialist, Chauvinistic Dominated, Dirty, So-called White Indian Society Will Never Show You

by ‎Ifágúnwà Tèmítópé-x‎

A cross-section of a gorgeously u‎nsurpassed image of our proud melanin-rooted sisters the racialist, chauvinistic dominated, dirty, so-called white indian society will never show you. Racism against afrikan people in that country known as india is so deep that your perfectly filed kitchen knief cannot cut into two. From the local media to the so-called bollywood in that country, afrikan people who are historically and biologically the aborigines, are not being represented whatsoever.

african indians

As a matter of fact, afrikan immigrants in that country are being lynched on daily basis. The masses of afrikan people globally, in asia, europe, americas, africa, australia, have got to unite with the aim of building a global afrikan power political, economic and cultural system against their same oppression and exploitation by the same oppressors and exploiters!!! ‎

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