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Woe unto Nigerians if…

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa. Out of the nearly one billion people of Africa, Nigeria accounts for over 170 million people of the continent.
That is nearly about twenty percent of the people of the continent. Nigeria got it independence in 1960. It is now fifty four years since  our independence. Nigeria is fortunate as Nigerians did not fight for their independence. That was/is why Nigerians are/have not been appreciating independence and self rule.

It is unfortunate that despite many years of self rule, oil boom, and economic prosperity; due to corruption, and long years of military dictatorship, Nigerians have no sense of patriotism or nationalism in it. Tribal and regional inclinations have been dividing Nigerians for a very long time. Instead of Nigerians to unite against their common problems, they choose to remind divided.

The political class are enjoying this division to take advantage of Nigerians. Example, the consistent power (electricity) failure is not common to the north or south alone, even the south, the Yaruba’s, Igbo’s, and even Jonathan kinsmen the Ijaws are suffering from it. Instead of Nigerians to unite and pressure the government, the Ijaw’s will say Jonathan is their kinsman and they will not join other Nigerians in pressuring him. The .issing 20 billion dollars, is the money stolen against northerners alone? Is for all Nigerians.

Likewise the current insurgency in the north east. The money budgeted is for all Nigerians not just for people of the north east.  Nigerians should unite against it. If one argues that Hausa Northerners are against President Jonathan and that is why the bombings, then why will they kill them selves? Why will there be a bomb blast in a mosque?  Why will they do it in their own land?

The Nigerian masses are at the receiving end of Nigeria. They are at the mercy of those evil, devil nurtured, renegade, traitors and satanic politicians. They have enslaved us. They steal our money, we work for them as their securities, our parents as their drivers, our mothers as their nannies, sisters as their prostitutes, when are we living this useless life? Is that how Nigerians wants to end? Why don’t we fight a revolution; of the mind, against corruption, and to demand a better life? Our predecessors lived that life, we are living it, do we want our children to inherit this life? Woe unto Nigerians.

The 2015 general election is by the corner. Nigerians are still divided. What sort of people Nigerians are? Nigerians are becoming dumb, un learned, and the most un wise people in the world. With all this kind of killings, what will a muslim-muslim ticket will do to you? For those calling on Buhari-Fashola ticket as mainly muslims, how will that affect you? If Jonathan is fielding David Mark, if they are competent why don’t you go for them? The current government has failed and Jonathan should be blamed. This man is incompetent and a incapable. He does not even have a strategy nor did he have a sense of humor. Nigerians must rise above this nonsense and irrational inclination and choose leaders base on competence and ability to deliver. General Buhari himself has said that no body can Islamanize Nigeria, so will anybody be afraid?. Let me also say that no body can Christianize Nigeria. This is because Nigeria is a country for all not for a certain group.

Nigerians should swore and stay battled ready for 2015. Elections must be free, fair and credible. Elections must hold. Periodic election is the major feature of democracy as stated by Obasanjo. Elections must hold in the North, elections must hold in North east, elections must hold in Borno state, elections must hold in Gwoza local government. Jega should tell them again. Elections must hold. Our useless parliamentarians should know that Nigerians are resolute this time around. If the President can threaten the national assembly, let them know he cannot intimidate the people. This is our country, our dream, and our land.

I call on all Nigerians to emancipate themselves from the useless life style the are living now by voting the right leaders in 2015. Especially now that Nigeria is facing a very difficult time. Finance and Petroleum ministers should resign. They are agents of the west. Nigeria is for the masses and only them can design its fate. Arise o compatriots! Arise

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari

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