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8 Signs It’s Time To Break Up With That Friend

We all know how painful breakups can be.
Sleepless nights, tissues full of tears, and enough takeout to last us a lifetime. Days spent convincing ourselves we will never be the same again. But we silently pray to ourselves that the miserable feelings will pass, and eventually, they do.

But what about those less painful breakups — those necessary breakups — that we didn’t even realize we had the power to execute? There are no endless fits of crying or love letters tucked away under the pillow. No “exchanging of the things” or wondering if you’ll ever meet that special someone. Instead, there’s relief.
Breaking up with friends isn’t always the easiest decision to make — but it can be the healthiest. Somewhere along the road to adulthood, we forget that we get to actively choose the people we let into our lives. Furthermore, we forget that we have the power to kick people out, just as we have the power to invite people in.
Not everyone is meant to be our friend forever — and that’s OK. But standing up for ourselves is essential to our happiness, and sometimes that means trimming the fat in our social circles. The truth is, friends don’t always act like friends. And when that becomes a pattern, it’s time to demote them to acquaintance, where they belong.
So how do you know when enough is enough? Take a look at some indicators that it might be time to break up with a friend.

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