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Ifs University: Olúwa, Ọlọ́run, Olódùmarè. Are these three terms the same?

Olúwa, Ọlọ́run, Olódùmarè.
Are these three terms the same?
Is this a TOTALLY Yoruba way of addressing GOD?
Or do we have influences of Christianity or Islam when we use these terms?

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  1. Balogun Adesina

    I think any attempt to describe Beings, energies, Divinities etc with human language that is formed of human perception will always come short. This is like an ant on a on a branch trying to perceive and describe then entirety of a tree. Even when we use the context of Yoruba understanding do we fully appreciate or comprehend the scale and complexity Of Olodumare or Esu?

    • Tony Balogun

      I believe that until we come to understand the greatness of OLODUNMARE and Esu through the Yoruba culture. However the views of other people certainly add differently understandings we perceive more clearly, being prominent than most are used to recognize in their daily lives.

    • Nigeria Property

      I Agree, No Appellation Nor Praise Can Equal The Greatness of The Creator!
      All The Above Mention Name and Praises are of Respect and Honor due To Our Honorable Creator Olodumare,Yan Ku pon, Osanobua,Chineke etc!
      So, let us Africans View The Creator the Way We were Created and Respect that Energy Appropriately As Africans. Just As We’ll Expect other Cultures on Earth to View that Energy, in their Own Traditional Spiritual Form and Manner!

  2. Nigeria Property

    Esu, to Me Play the ROLE OF CHRIST!
    The DOOR, To Salvation!
    Interpreted, without Prejudice, While Understanding the Role of Esu in our Pantheon to Olodumare, that ought to have been the Most VALID INTERPRETATION!
    It was Purposely Misinterpreted to Get aFRICANS NOT TO QUESTION Changing their Spirituality to Christian Religion.
    Our Ancestors were very Smart,They Would have Asked, but You Jesus, is our ESU! Haba!

  3. Segun Akerele

    This is A Very Valid Question.
    In my Humble View They Aren’t That Off!
    Oluwa and Olorun interpret God from The Biblical God, As Our Great One, the Owner of Heavens!

    OLODUMARE! Is Our Correct Yoruba Traditional Term!

    I Have Family and Friends Who are AFRAID TO SAY, ASE!(Amen)
    When I wish them Well.
    And When I say Ase! They Make sure they Replied with Amin(Amen), As if we Aren’t Saying the Same thing!
    God the Creator Must be Smiling!

    Our God,is Not To Blame!

  4. Kenny Fasemore

    Esu was considered the devil, because missionaries could not fathom or interpret Yoruba cosmology and hermeneutics. They had to place a deity that had NO place in Yoruba theological thought. Concerning Olodumare, I also believe that the concept of Olodumare is a lot more complex than the Xtian version….

  5. Adekunle Opeyemi

    Could someone who is a native Yoruba speaker please break down the words? Is this correct: Ol contraction of Oluwa ( lord) , Odu ( exert ) , mare ( go forward without ceasing or everlasting ) = the deity or lord of the everlasting Odu

  6. Adekunle Opeyemi

    Please define or breakdown Olorun


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