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Nigerian International Passport

Lost Nigerian Passport: How to Replace, Renew or Apply for New One

Step 3: Documents needed for first issuance, Re-issueance or substitution of Lost Nigerian Passport.

A. To start with ISSUANCE (Fresh)

Two (2) Passport measured photos;
Letter of consent of Parents of applicant(s) less than sixteen years old (16);
Online application form printed and signed (by going to Nigerian Passport service )
Printed out Payment and acknowledgement slip.


Two (2) Passport estimated photos
Copy of Residence Permit;
The present e-Passport and its information page ought to be submitted at the Embassy.
Online application form printed and signed (by going to Nigerian Passport renewal service )
Printed out payment slip and acknowledgement slip.


An application is tended to the Ambassador for re-issuance of lost Nigerian passport ( Please download statement form bellow);
Two (2) Passport photos;
Police report on the lost Nigerian International Passport and translated in English;
Copy of Residence Permit;
Copy of information page of lost Nigerian Passport;
All the above listed documents ought to be scanned and sent to the closest Nigrian Embassy to you. ( You can call them to get their email to send the reports or most preferably go there in individual)

Re-issuance of lost passport is liable to approval from the Nigeria Immigration Service in Abuja.

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  1. I lost my nigeria passport

  2. I lost my Nigeria passport what do I do to replace it to renew it

    • Apply for a new one. You need to first of all call the nearest passport office or consulate. If you are in Abuja, you should go to the passport office and have the lost passport deleted from the system.

      Get a police report first thing first to be on a safe side.

  3. Hi…

    My passport photo is blurry due to water spillage. I’m planning a trip soo n I thought it wise to make a new one…. Since it’s not lost… What’s d process to get a new one3

  4. iyalekhue phillede

    I lost my passport

  5. Is there anyway to get my Nigerian passport replaced without having to go to Nigeria? I am currently in the UK and I heard the only way that can happen is if I go to Abuja and pay 70k…is this true? If not, what is the procedure and will I get the actual passport delivered to me in the UK…..and how much will all this cost?

  6. My passport will soon expire in less than 9months time can I replace it with a fresh new one witout no effect or I will nid to renew the old one

  7. My passport wil exipre in less than 9month time,but I need a new one can it be possible without n effect on me.i don’t want to renew the old one I jst need a fresh new one

  8. I lost my E passport what do I do

  9. I lost my passport what do I do

  10. How much it cost for changing of details and replacement of lost nigerian passport

  11. I do not have an image of the stolen passport and I don’t have the passport #no written out. Will this affect the outcome in anyway?

  12. onyemaechi dumbiri harrison

    My Nigeria passport was stolen

  13. Can I get my lost passport in info state

  14. I lost my passport.how can I write a police report pls help me out with the write up thanks

  15. If u need a police report regarding ur lost passport , chat me up via 07039421858.

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