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Top 10 Supercars Built in Unbelievable Places

Check out Top 10 Supercars Built in Unbelievable Places

Ford looks to Canada for that employment. Multimatic is a car supplier situated in Ontario that has worked broadly with Aston Martin in the past for its One-77 and with RUF for its CTR3 supercar. Known for making the suspension and undercarriage, Ford will leave the assembling of its energizing new GT in the hands of this accomplished Canadian company.

Koenigsegg: Sweden

Koenigsegg is situated in Sweden and is an automaker with a genuine spotlight on speed and engineering. In any case, when you consider cars from Sweden, the family-accommodating and security cognizant Volvo rings a bell. Koenigsegg is an enormous takeoff from that. Every one of its vehicles are manufactured in an old plane Hanger in Angelholm, Sweden.

Lykan Hypersport: Dubai

Obviously supercar fever has spread everywhere throughout the world and that includes the Middle East. The Lykan Hypersport, a costly supercar that was a gigantic part of the most recent Fast and the Furious motion picture, is actually built in Dubai by W Motors. That automaker combines the qualities of Lebanese, French and Italian designers so as to make this $3.4-million dollar auto. Those architects helped this rear-emgine, back wheel-drive auto accomplish great deeds including a zero-to-62-mph sprint of 2.8 seconds.

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