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Top 10 Terrorist Organizations Operating In The US

3 Sovereign Citizens

Sovereign-Citizens-91Da190C24353581This recently formed group follows a strange set of beliefs that promote violence and anarchism amongst the populace. Sovereign Citizens believe that, although they reside in the United States, they are sovereign from the government. With such a mindset, they believe they do not need to pay taxes, acknowledge law enforcement officers, and, most alarmingly, abide by any government laws. In an attempt to “get back” at the government that oppresses them, they file thousands of frivolous cases a month, in an attempt to clog the court system. They threaten judges and politicians that they think will threaten their way of life. In some circumstances, Sovereign Citizens have shot at and killed law enforcement officers who have stopped them for minor violations, such as speeding. These people are truly frightening, and have no respect for any form of authority.

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