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Yemoja is River

Yemoja is River, the essence of Motherhood, Mother Nurturer, Mother Of All Orisas And A Protector Of Children….

#‎Yemoja‬# ‪#‎Priestess‬# #‪#‎Proudly‬ Olorisa# ‪#‎Crown‬ Orisa#… Eeepa Omi Ooooo!

Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo‎

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Celebrating the Orisa Yemoja

Each year, the Oodua people in Nigeria give thanks to Yemoja, Orisa of the river and mother of all other Oodua Orisa. It is an important way for us to remember and celebrate our traditional roots and beliefs. Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria – During the annual festival to celebrate Yemoja, the Orisa of the river, the afternoon begins with music, dance and prayers. You will find 401 Orisa– called ÒRÌSÀ in the Oodua tradition – each representing a force of nature. ...