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American Empire’s Unipolar Moment is Unraveling: Some Nitty-Gritty Details

By David Franke Ooduarere.com

A number of articles in the alternative media have put forth generalized arguments that the unipolar moment of the American Empire is unraveling, to be supplanted by a multipolar world. Here are two current articles, and a third that’s a few months old—all from mainstream media—that provide some of the details supporting that thesis. It doesn’t matter if you approve or disapprove—this is what’s happening.

The first article is Der Spiegel’s interview with former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, regarding President Trump’s pulling the U.S. out of the Iran agreement. This is one top diplomat who is plain-spoken and blunt: 

“The aim of the agreement was to prevent a second disaster after the Iraq War, namely a large-scale land war in Iran. After the Iraq War, the Iranians tried in vain to divide Europe and the United States. Donald Trump has now managed to do just that.”

On Trump’s Walrus:

“DER SPIEGEL: His national security adviser John Bolton wrote …

Fischer: Enough with Bolton!

DER SPIEGEL: You remember Bolton from your time as foreign minister.

Fischer: I know him very well. He is one of the people responsible for the Iraq disaster.

DER SPIEGEL: Bolton once wrote: “To stop Iran’s bomb, bomb Iran.”

Fischer: Bolton has only one answer to everything: bombing.”


DER SPIEGEL: So, is Trump right when he asks the Germans to spend more on the military?

Fischer: It isn’t about Trump. Hillary Clinton would have been just as critical of this as president. We have to do it for ourselves. We have been investing too little in our security for years. What are the things I’ve read within the past week? German armed forces pilots are losing their licenses because they cannot fly enough hours due to helicopter deficiencies. Submarines cannot sail because spare parts are missing. We only have four combat-ready Eurofighters. What a shame! If you ask me whether we can defend ourselves, the clear answer is no.”

And the need for closer relations with Russia is “palpable.” Fischer adds that he doesn’t believe in “submission” to Russia (he is, after all, a German) but rather that “we should strive for a good relationship with Russia.”

For more on one of the major geopolitical factors affecting German-Russian relations, see the Bloomberg article from last summer: “Germany Is Addicted to Russian Gas.”

Germany is the powerhouse of Europe, of course, and already gets 40% of its natural gas from Russia.  This will soon increase to more than 50%.  And the pipeline goes under the Baltic Sea, thus not subject to international political pressures as with the land-based Ukrainian pipeline.

My take-home impression:  If this Der Spiegel interview is any indication, expect a much more independent [from the U.S.] Europe, and closer relations between Europe and Russia.  Then there is the relationship between Europe and China (see the third article). 

It seems Germany is not only more and more dependent on Russia for natural gas, its economy “has grown dependent on China.” At first glance that may seem a bit alarmist, but the details are fascinating. You will learn about the exact German terminus of the New Silk Road and its significance, as well as the 10 major fields China intends to dominate.

The power of China is most notable in Germany’s premiere industry: automobiles. Not only is China manufacturing its own models, with an emphasis on dominating the electric-car market; it offers “huge profit margins for automobile manufacturers that are up to twice as high as elsewhere in the world. And it has led to an increasing dependency on the Chinese market: Daimler now earns 20 percent of its profits in the country, BMW 28 percent and VW fully 43 percent. Company bean counters refer to such a situation as a ‘concentration risk.’”

Bottom line:  The days of the American Empire’s unipolar control of the world is over.  The D.C. Swamp will fight that, but the development has already gone too far to be reversed.  The new world order consists of four power blocs: America, China, Russia, and Europe.  The only question is whether this transition can continue without a World War III.

David Franke was one of the original founders of the conservative movement in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Your links to the three articles:

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