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Check out The President’s New Car: Putin to Drive Russian-Made Limo (Photos)

President Vladimir Putin will move around town in an all-new Russian-made limousine late next year, Commerce and Industry Minister Denis Mantrurov told RIA Novosti on Monday.

Two hundred vehicles are to be built next year. The presidential limousine has been undergoing trials for almost a year now. Denis Manturov said that a series of crash-tests for the sedans had been slated for later this month.
An estimated 5,000 units of each of the four types of the Kortezh lineup are scheduled to roll off the assembly lines by 2020.

Denis Manturov said that these luxury cars will also be available to ordinary citizens who can afford to buy them.

“No problem, if you want an armored limo – well, they will build you one,” Manturov said, adding that Porsche had been brought on board to help design the cars’ engines.

The Kortezh project is being implemented by the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Institute in Moscow.

Russian president putin's car

Inside a car designed under the project “Cortege” displayed at the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute.

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