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Sticky Situation: CNN Broadcasts P0rn Instead of Late-Night Food Show

Due to an apparent error by a local cable TV provider, CNN viewers in the Boston region were finally treated to something worth viewing when the station broadcast half an hour of hardcore p0rn instead of a food show.


CNN viewers in Boston were in for one hell of a Thanksgiving night when instead of ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ — a popular food and travel show – they were presented with a performance of a far raunchier nature, showing ‘parts’ that were certainly not ‘unknown’ albeit not used in quite such a vigorous manner by most of the audience.

Due to an apparent mistake committed by RCN – major TV cable provider responsible for the channel’s broadcasts in the ‘afflicted’ area – Bourdain’s show was replaced by half an hour of explicit p0rnographic video, likely causing a considerable portion of the audience to snap to attention. One of the startled viewers, a Twitter user named Rose, apparently became the first person to report this incident to the social media, pointing out that RCN ended up suspending the CNN broadcasts for the time being.

Furthermore, as Rose points out, both RCN and CNN have yet to comment on this impromptu late-night XXX-show for gourmets.

One can only guess how the news giant will react and who will be held responsible for these shenanigans, although rumor has it that the executives are taking a particular interest in the overnight ratings.

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