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Paid Trolls? How UK Govt Using Operational Psychology to Manipulate You Online -WikiLeaks

Quite recently a top secret record uncovered the part brain research had in the broad secret routines utilized by the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters. However, the legacy of such psychological behavioral surveillance strategies stays unchallenged.

Exposed by WikiLeaks and published by The Intercept, the report ‘What UK spies do to you — in their own words’, was composed in 2011 by a psychologist and details the exercises of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, also called JTRIG

The British government are at present pushing its new questionable interchanges communication bill, named the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ through parliament. The bill would permit government organizations and police more power to snoop on individuals’ email, web history and online networking action and gather swathes of interchanges information with almost cognitive impunity.

Along these lines, while the debate enters balance of privacy.  — the following discussion needs to concentrate on the mental legacy of surveillance on society, or society will be left asking, as Professor Chambers proposes:

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