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Saudi Warplanes Bomb Funeral In Yemeni Capital: Un Says 140 Killed, Hundreeds Wounded (Video, Photos)

On October 8, the Royal Saudi Air Force hit carried out air strikes on a crowded funeral ceremony in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, killing at least 140 people, according to UN sources. Over 500 people were reported injured.


At least nine air strikes were made on Khamis street in the southern part of Sana’a, excluding the fact that the incident could be described as a mistake. Pro-Houthi sources say that Saudi Arabia massivelly bombs Yemeni civilian objects in order to “counter” constant loses on the ground and de-facto failure of the intervention into the country.


The funeral was for the father of the interior minister in the Yemeni government, Jalal al-Roweishan.

Meanwhile, non-UN sources report that the casualties from the bombing have already grown to 450 killed.Some sources even say that the numbe is up to 700. There are no doubts that the officially confirmed number of casualties will rise.

Amid reports about the bombing, the White House has announced an “immediate” review of US support for the Saudi-led coalition, operating in Yemen. However, the statement looks as a common PR as always. Saturday’s bombing was not the first major incident involved the Saudi-led coalition. Despite this, the US remains a major arms supplier to Saudi Arabi. Washington also provides intelligence to the Saudi-led coalition, supporting its operations in the war-torn country.

Photos from the scene (we excluded numerous photos with killed locals; they can be easily found in the Internet):

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