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akpos face

Akpos gets Drunk

A Drunk Man Akpos was staggering home one night and decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery and got shocked to see the place looking like a market with dead people buying and selling. He ran as fast as ...

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A conversation between Akpos and Joy

Akpos : How old are u ? Joy : A Woman never tells her age. Akpos : Just tell me your age. Joy : since I was 18 i never told anyone my age. Akpos : But I will make ...

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akpos and wife

Between a Wife and Akpos

A man Akpos and his wife were arguing about who is the most coward and scared between them. After a long argument, they decided to ask their 2 children who they think was the most coward and scared between them. ...

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Akpos was arrested by the police and taken to court !

Magistrate: Akpos, you were arrested on the expressway for abruptly stopping your car in the middle of the road and causing 10 other vehicles behind you to run into one another thereby causing damages and injuries. Are you guilty or ...

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Akpos with 30 inches P*nis went to a magician

Akpos with 30 inches penls went to a magician and said, “I can’t live with this anymore! Its too long! Can you help me reduce it?” The magician answered, “There is a female frog in that swamp. Go ask her ...

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Jokes: Akpos and John turn on T.V

One day Akpos and John were watching T.V when the news came on, showing a man standing on a bridge about to commit suicide, suddenly Apkos said “I’ll bet N500 that the guy won’t jump off”, John said I bet ...

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akpos abortion

Akpos got employed at a big company

A Guy Akpos got employed at a big company as a cleaner. On his 1st day at work, he picked up a phone, dialed a number and shouts; Get me some tea, quickly! The voice from the other side responded; ...

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Akpos Returns from Work, Enters sitting room to meet his wife..

Akpos comes back from work. As he enters the sitting room, his wife asked: Wife: Darling! Why are you looking so sad? Akpos: Sweetheart, I have a problem at my office. Wife: Don’t say you have a problem. You should ...

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akpos ekaite

Kunrobi Things: Akpos starts touching his girlfriend !

**Kunrobi – Smooshing **Kunjabi  – Making love Akpos starts touching his girlfriend. Girl: “baby the bible speaks against fornication, it says our body is the house in which God dwells. Akpos starts jumping up happily, removed his shorts, smiling sooooooo wide. ...

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akpos lecturer

Akpos decided to follow his friend Osas

Akpos decided to follow his friend Osas on a hunting trip deep in the forest of Okomu reserve in Iguobazuwa. Akpos has never gone hunting while Osas has hunted all his life. When they got to the middle of the ...

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