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Review Adajo Sope Part 1 2 Blaspheme

Review: Adajo Sope [Part 1&2] – Blaspheme !

@ mark 7:42. @43:19. and 1:00:53 respectively and repeastedly blaspheme the Yoruba traditional beliefs of Esu. Esu is not satan, it has never been and will never be. Despite the fact that Google translate made changes to its script after an awareness campaign, our Yoruba ...

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olekutv propaganda film

KABI O OSI 1&2 Update – Another Pure Attack Against invisible traditional religion of the Yoruba.

This is an update on the pure attack against traditional religion of Ifa. Recently a review was made about this film by OlekuTv Watch a Typical Religious Propaganda against Traditional Religion of Africa. (KABI O OSI 2) After getting a ...

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Nollwood Yoruba Movies: Jayeola

A son took his poverty stricken friend (Jaiyeola) to an herbalist for help. A subject of sacrifice was required from Jaiyeola and he used his only friend. Years have gone by nevertheless the penalty for betraying his closest friend should ...

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