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Tattoo: Does Odu mention them?

I notice the older women have them but they are patterns. What are the patterns if anyone knows. What method is used to do the tattoo ? Is it like the Polynesian way with tapping instrument?

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Asian online Dating Services For Asian Singles Connection

Deciding on tɦe tattoo cɑn ƅе ratɦеr tiring. Theгe is no scarcity of designs οut tɦere, makіng іt a competent idea assess a couple аnd not dash into any choice. Ιt’s easy to sеcond guess yourѕelf. Thіs is the reason ...

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What is wrong with this Photo (Chris Brown’s Version)

He posted the photo (on the right above/bellow) on his IG page today. Left is before the tattoo !

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Photos of Adaeze Igwe’s ‘Yobo’ tattoo

Yobo’s name tattooed on Adaeze Yobo’s her leg.

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