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Wande Abimbo

Baba Wande Abimbola: Meet the preeminent voice of Orunmila in our generation.

Baba Wande Abimbola, is the preeminent voice of Orunmila in our generation.He is the Awíṣẹ Àgbáyé.Awise means A-(One) Wí (Who Speaks) Ṣẹ (With Àṣẹ Authority).One Whose Pronouncements Are Divinely Authorized.One Whose Words Come True.In the Catholic Church, only the Pope ...

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Prof Wande Abimbola

We have taken foreign religion to a level of insanity – Prof. Wande Abimbola

The Awise Agbaye, Prof. Wande Abimbola, tells OLUFEMI ATOYEBI that he did not know his birthday until he became the Vice- Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife How was your childhood experience? I was born in the premises where I live ...

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Iwure from Awise Agbaye Prof. Wande Abimbola

By Babalawo Prof. Wande Abimbola  Ase

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