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Holy Odù Èjì Ogbè

Òrìsà t’èmí ló sòro
B’émi ò bá bó
Kòsí oún yóó nù
Òrìsà t’èmí ló sòro

Òrìsà, Èmí (life) is the most valuable
If our life is not taken away
Verily nothing is lost
Òrìsà, Èmi(life) is the most essential.

Lesson: No matter what we are trying to have in this world, once there’s still life,its never too late. Many people are always after making it in life forgetting about their life. Once our heart is still beating, it’s a sign for us that we will still get all our hearts desire.
-Holy Odù Èjì Ogbè –

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