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Oonirisa ni Ilu Oyibo: Abike jagaban, Esabod..


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Photo news: Ifa is reliable !

Ifa is Light !

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#Igbokwenu: So how dare you accuse the #Yoruba of betrayal? (Interesting Read!)

  HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF HATRED I had the privilege of attending some meetings of the Yoruba and Igbo Leaders. I was not a leader but a youth who knew how to wash his hands. At one of those meetings in ...

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Video: Ooni Of Ife Honored In Far Away Brazil

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asa yoruba


  The Yoruba, as most Earth based cultures, used their intimate connection with the Earth, as their science.  It was their way of understanding the natural way that natural energies worked…and could be worked with! While the Western world looks down ...

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baba ifa

Top 6 Signs To Know Real Babalawo (Ifa Chief Priest)

Who is a BABALAWO? A real Babalawo is a father of all secrets, a trained diviner of Orunmila and other Orishas (Gods and Goddesses), highly skilled in offerings (Ebos / Sacrifices), gifted in all kinds of spiritual baths, adepts in ...

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Ifa legend yoruba legend

How A Legend initiated me to Ifa in 1974

This great man, now a legend in Nigeria, Brazil, Venezuela, United States and other countries of the world, said to me 44 years ago (I was 14 when he initiated me to Ifa in 1974), “Diran, even if you get ...

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Remembrance: 38 years ago, Walter Rodney !

3 days late to Exact 38 years ago, the great 38 years old socialist, Afrikan dialectician, scholar-activist, and Afrikan historian par excellence, Walter Rodney was murdered by the forces of imperialism under the order of the Guyanese government while grounding ...

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New Music Video: Olamide, Wizkid – Kana

Enjoy the Music video above by Olamide performing Kana.

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The Yoruba culture did not come from Kemet !

The Yoruba culture did not come from Kemet. The Kemetic culture came from the Yoruba via the intermediate African cultures like the Nok, Sao, and Kushites, all of whom are thousands of years older than Kemet. The Yoruba-Fon invented the ...

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