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Sun re o: Yeyelufe Of Ijebu-ife

Mr. Anthony Ademolu and Family announce the passing of the esteemed Elder, the YEYELUFE OF IJEBU-IFE….Sunre ooooo, Yeye! “….With heavy heart and gratitude to Almighty God, I announce the passing on to glory of my beloved mother, grand -mother and great-grandmother THE ...

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Iyawo Elese Oosun: The new Olori wasn’t stepping on blood !

Iyawo Elese Oosun. Please lets ask from those who are knowledgeable instead of guessing, if anyone is ignorant of Yoruba customs and tradition. There’s no where in Yoruba tradition where the bride is required to step over blood as part ...

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Eriwoya!!! Peace Meeting to restore unity in the International Council for Ifa

Today 10th of October, 2018 Peace Meeting to restore unity in the International Council for Ifa Religion initiated by Oloye Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni, Araba Oluisese Agbaye (The Arole Orunmila), Oloye Ifayemi Elebuibon, Araba of Osogbo land, Oloye Awodiran Okanlawon Agboola. ...

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What is the Name of your Orisa?

I love all of my Orisha but I’m definitely an Ogun baby

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Ibon !

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Legendary comedian, Baba Sala passes on in his sleep after supper – Says Son

One of many children of Baba Sala, Emmanuel, has stated that the foremost comedian died in his sleep after taking his supper.  Emmanuel told our revealed that his father, Moses Adejumo, ate his last meal around 6pm and took a ...

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20th Century Opon Ifá divination Tray

An early 20th Century Opon Ifá divination tray, from the collection of the Brooklyn Museum An Opon Ifá (known as La Mesa de Ifá in Latin America) is a divination tray used in traditional African and Afro-American religions , notably ...

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yoruba religion

Ejìnrìn Wọ̀jọ ̀wọ̀jọ̀

Ejìnrìn wọ̀jọ ̀wọ̀jọ̀ Awo Ọlọ́wọ̀ ló ṣefá fún Ọlọ́wọ̀ Eléyìí tí yóò roko roko tí yóò gbé kílìṣí tíí ṣe yèyé ajé wálé Ìji lẹ́lẹ́ – Awo Ìji lẹ́lẹ́ Ìji lẹ̀lẹ̀ – Awo Ìji lẹ̀lẹ̀ Ẹ̀fúùfù lẹ̀lẹ̀ ní jági lọ́run ...

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Ogbe Ika

Ogbe Ika: The importance of non-verbal language.

II I I I II I II I Ogbe Ika indicates Ofo Ase expressed externally like light and focused behavior. To state Ogbe Ika is related to the inner Ofo Ase means to explore the fantastic world of unconscious language, ...

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Happy Ose sango!

Igba ara lanbura enikan kinbu sango lerun adifafun olukoso laalu arabambi Omo arigba ota Segun onbelarin ota onfi ojo jumo konminu ajogun. Tani Peri oba to oo Emi oo operire alade..Sango yiobawa Segun gbogbo Otawa aori tiwase.. Happy Ose sango,sango ...

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