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orisa of war

The Russians fight like Esu Ija, the Orisa of war.

So, days ago, Ukrainians who have been completely overpowered in Bakhmut, launched a surprise attack on Russian positions in Zaporizhia. It appeared they even broke the Russian defense and some in the media had boasted that they were about to send Russians packing. Well, sadly, that didn’t eventually age well. Here’s what happened. Russians intentionally set the Ukrainians up and allowed them to enter a narrow corridor, and when that happened, they hit the Ukrainian forces hard from both sides with artillery and Ka-52 attack helicopters, and even tried using Su-24 fighter jets.

After suffering heavy losses from the failed venture, the Ukrainians returned to their initial positions, beyond the “grey zones” (no man’s land) in Zaporizhia. During their failed counterattack, Ukrainians used several American Stryker wheeled vehicles & French AMX-10 tank destroyers, yet they were not able to help them against the Russian “Kursk”-style trap (a trap that the Russians have set on many fronts, such as in Bakhmut, Adviivka, Ugledar, Serversk, Marinka & recently, Kupiansk).

At the end of the day, the Ukrainians May still have plans as Melitopolis remains their key objective, given they want to cut off the corridor between Mariupol & Crimea, so they can proceed to attack and or take Crimea. Russians have said that any attempt to take Crimea will result in Russians using weapons that are even permitted in their nuclear doctrine. Analysts wonder why Ukraine and its allies are intent on going after Crimea at the same time they’re losing key cities and towns to Russians.

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