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2017 Audi A3

2017 Audi A3 rolled out with Digital Dashboard, High-Tech Goods

The invigorated Audi A3 has been presented packed with new and cutting edge features. The 2017 Audi A3 will touch base in sedan, convertible, three-and five-entryway hatchback variations for the European market, however there’s no word yet on what will ...

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tesla model 3

What You Need to Know about Tesla Model 3 Specs

Not all about the Tesla Model 3 has been uncovered, yet this is what we know.  Presented at a special occasion last night, last details of the Tesla Model 3 aren’t set yet however CEO Elon Musk spilled some info. ...

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tesla model 3

Tesla Model 3: Top 5 Facts That Were Just Unveiled

The Tesla Model 3 has made its debut at an event, in spite of the fact that it wasn’t the final generation model that was unveiled. Tesla CEO Elon Musk made that big appearance, touching on rising CO2 levels and ...

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5,561 units of Volkswagen e-Golf Recalled over Engine Stalling

Volkswagen is calling back around 5,561 units of its all-electric Golf to settle an issue which can bring about a motor slow down. In the affected units, an electrical surge might erroneously be recognized by oversensitive diagnostics, casuing the electric engine ...

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Mazda3 4-Door

Honda Civic Sedan: See Top 5 Alternatives

In case you’re looking for another car and need a few different options for the 2016 Honda Civic vehicle, you have come to the right place. Honda revealed an all-new Civic car for the 2016 model year and its upgrades ...

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Top 10 Car Noises To Be Worried About

Check out Top 10 Car Noises To Be Worried About

With a bit twist of the key or jab of its sart button your vehicle’s motor ought to start up with the desperation of a doctor reacting to a code blue. Obviously it ought to likewise sit still as easily ...

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2016 top 10 most expensive cars in the Universe

Super wheels: Check out 2016 top 10 most expensive cars in the Universe

The most costly super cars on the planet are far beyond transportation. These moving craftsmanship pieces exemplify the needs of the one percent, and in that universe, showiness and swagger outweigh common sense and proficiency. Way of life reactions aside, ...

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Idanre Hills ile ife

Idanre: Yoruba Mountain Climbing Festival

The sprawl of interlocked mountains that shield the town of Idanre protectively is stunning even to general guests, and amazing to novices. The Idanre mountains in themselves are a surprise, and it is said the name Idanre was a result ...

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Mercedes-Benz GLS 2017

Mercedes-Benz GLS 2017 Review: Luxury SUV

American buyers can book their Mercedes-Benz GLS 2017 in December as conveyances start from March 2016. Starting yet, no data is released with respect to Nigerian, Australian and UK markets. Besides, fuel proficiency, evaluating and execution are still undetermined. Continue reading ...

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#Our5K ti da wahala sile lori ayelujara: Ile Igbimo Asofin ni wahala naa ti bere

#Our5K ti da wahala sile lori ayelujara: Ile Igbimo Asofin ni wahala naa ti bere Olayemi Olatilewa Lojo Wesde to koja yii nile igbimo asofin agba to kale siluu Abuja gbegi dina sisan owo egberun marun-un fun awon odo ile ...

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